One-day childbirth class on September 17, 2017 in Costa Mesa!


We don't often teach group classes, but we're happy to announce that we have one coming up! 

One-Day Childbirth Preparation Class
Sunday, September 17, 2017
10am - 6pm
Luminous Soul Tribe Yoga in Costa Mesa
Lunch included


Cost: $200/birthing person + 1 support person

Cost includes lunch, all materials, and a beautiful birth and parenting book

Interested in joining a small group childbirth preparation series that will prepare you for your upcoming birth in a unique and thoughtful manner? This class might be a wonderful fit for you. It will be interactive in nature, fun and informative always. We'll have lively discussions about the current research on countless birth topics. We'll experience processes that will help soften around fears and/or anxiety you may be feeling. And our main focus will be on developing and practicing coping skills to help you have a fulfilling birth, newborn parenting, and postpartum journey. 

Space is limited, so register now if you'd like to join us!

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This one-day class is a great option for parents who:

  • have busy schedules that don't allow them to attend a class series

  • prefer to learn in a group environment

  • have taken a hospital class and are looking for a more well-rounded birth preparation

  • value emotional preparation as well as the knowledge and informational side of things

  • are looking for ways of connecting with other expecting parents

What sets Birthing From Within® classes apart?

You won't find a syllabus or table of contents in a Birthing From Within class. Every class is different, because every class draws from the unique experiences of the participants. While we will have a loose outline in mind, our classes remain flexible so we can best serve parents' needs. We don't view ourselves as "teachers" and parents as "students"; rather we see ourselves as facilitators helping to foster parents on their journey of discovery and preparation.

If you're picturing a class full of lectures peppered with video clips, this isn't it! Birthing From Within classes are interactive and involve several types of learning - visual, auditory, and tactile. Come prepared to participate, ask questions, and get involved.

Engaging both the left brain and right brain is invaluable to the learning process. Our classes involve both so you have the chance to engage more deeply on a personal level with the new information you're taking in. 

Is this a "natural birth" class?

Yes and no:

YES in that if you're planning a natural birth, we'd love to have you!
NO in that we teach from a judgment-free perspective and welcome parents planning any type of birth.

We will focus on coping with the intensity and change that come with welcoming a new baby into your life... and that applies to any birth journey.

What's in it for partners and support people?

If you are attending as a partner or support person, we are so excited to have you! You are an integral part of your loved one's birth journey, and we are here for you as well as for your birthing loved one. We will spend time practicing techniques for supporting a laboring person, both physically and emotionally. You'll leave class with some tricks up your sleeve, and - more importantly - a deeper understanding of how to support during labor. We hope this combination will work to give you increased confidence about your important role in welcoming this new baby!

Class topics can include:

  • Choosing a birth place and care provider that are right for your family

  • What you need to know about writing a birth plan

  • How to tell when labor is beginning

  • Coping tools and practices

  • Positions that can help with pain or discomfort and help labor progress

  • Labor support techniques

  • Maintaining partner intimacy in labor

  • Decision-making skills for labor

  • Options for baby care immediately following birth

  • The physiological birth process (stages of labor)

  • Epidurals and other options for medical pain relief in birth

  • Exploring cesarean birth options

  • Communicating effectively with care providers

  • Breastfeeding preparation*

  • Postpartum recovery and bonding*

*We won't be spending too much time on postpartum adjustment or breastfeeding since this is primarily a birth preparation class. If you're interested in learning more about these topics, we can schedule a private postpartum and breastfeeding preparation class. 

Check out this video from Birthing From Within San Antonio to learn more about what Birthing From Within classes are all about:

If you're interested in this class but have more questions first, send us a message here or call/text Megan at 562.857.0965. Otherwise...

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