Meet Kaitlynn Lim, Nanny Agency Owner in Orange County & LA

Update: Kaitlynn is no longer placing nannies. We’re leaving this post up because she gives some great insight into the process of finding a nanny and what nanny agencies have to offer. If you are looking for a nanny placement agency, Kaitlynn recommends Pacific Elite Nannies.

Orange County Nanny Placement Agency Kaitlynn Lim

If you're a parent, chances are there have been times you've worried about childcare. Kaitlynn Lim is here to help!

She founded The Heirloom Company, a nanny placement agency serving families in Orange County and Los Angeles, to make nanny placement easier and more satisfying for families and nannies alike.

Kaitlynn is a delight and her love for children and families is plain to see. We love the format of her agency, from the individualized care for each family she works with, to the down-to-earth logistical side of her approach. 

We hope you'll enjoy learning more about Kaitlynn!

Tell us about your background, your work as a nanny, and how you came to own a nanny placement agency.

I loved my time as a nanny. Shortly after I graduated college I discovered that working with kids and families was my true passion, and I haven’t looked back since. I was very lucky to work for a few really amazing families, but I had a lot of nanny friends that had a hard time finding families that were a good fit. I also met a number of truly great families that just couldn’t seem to find a nanny that meshed with their personalities and fulfilled their needs. Finding a great nanny is about more than just finding someone who looks good on paper; it is such a personal thing. This person will be helping to raise your children and will be party to a lot of intimate parts of your life, which makes it stand out from any other employer/employee relationship. I take all of this into consideration when placing a new nanny for my clients.

What are the benefits for parents of using a placement agency rather than searching for a nanny on their own?

A lot of parents don’t even know where to begin when looking for a nanny! I can help them set an appropriate hourly rate, help them understand industry standards, and get them set up with a nanny/parent agreement so both parties are clear on expectations. I also have many connections within the nanny world that most parents, obviously, don’t have. I utilize these connections as well as online resources to find and interview nannies that I think could be a good fit for the family in question. I then whittle that large group down to two or three options for the family to meet. It takes a lot of time that most busy parents don’t have.

What are the logistics of working with the Heirloom Company?

Normally, it all starts with a phone call, where I can get a sense of what the family is looking for and what they really need in a nanny. I then send over my parent questionnaire form, which gives me even more insight into their needs and expectations. Once I get a grasp on that, I start with the interviewing process. From start to finish it is normally a 2-3 week endeavor, keeping in mind that occasionally circumstances make it a bit longer or a bit shorter.


Finding a great nanny is about more than just finding someone who looks good on paper.


Since there is often confusion around this, can you explain the role of a full-time nanny?

A full time nanny is often expected to wear many hats. She/he is first and foremost your children’s caretaker. Their physical, emotional, and educational needs are the top priority. Sometimes this includes driving children to and from different classes and outings, as well as setting up playdates with other children their age. Full time nannies are often expected to take care of children’s laundry and daily cleanup of toys, dishes, etc. Some nannies are asked to do extra tasks such as parents laundry, vacuuming, and organizing. If this stuff is expected, the nanny’s hourly rate is raised accordingly.

How do you find your nannies?

The nannies I place are all found through my personal and professional connections as well as my utilization of online resources.

Do you work with families looking for full-time care only?

No, I work with families looking for both part time and full time care.

What are the going rates for nannies right now?

The going rate for a nanny in Orange County right now is anywhere from 17-25/hr depending on experience, responsibilities, as well as number and ages of children. In Los Angeles the going rate is a bit higher starting around 18 and going as high as 35+.

Long Beach Nanny Agency Kaitlynn Lim and child

What do you feel are your particular strengths as an agency owner?

Because I was a nanny, I know the industry. I know when people don’t really know what they are talking about but are trying to sound like they do, and I can tell when someone is genuinely passionate about children. I care a lot about making both my clients and the nannies I place happy, which I believe makes me stand out against other agencies.

Do you offer other services aside from nanny placements?

Aside from nanny placement, I also teach a Nanny 101 class for parents. Similarly, I offer nanny consulting for the family that doesn’t need the full white glove service, but needs a little guidance.

What are your rates for nanny placement services?

My rate for a nanny placement is 10 percent of the nanny’s estimated yearly income, or a minimum of $999, whichever is higher.

What areas do you serve?

I serve all of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, and Orange County.

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