We're Bringing Spilt Milk Nannies to Orange County!

We are excited to announce that we're opening a branch of Spilt Milk Nannies right here in Orange County!

Mission Viejo Date Night Baby Sitting Spilt Milk Nannies

This book-as-you-need babysitting referral service started in Seattle in 2011 and has since spread to Portland, Chicago, Boston, and Denver. We're thrilled to bring this service to our own community!

As doulas, we know so many families who struggle to find reliable babysitters to help with their date nights and occasional care, even with resources like Care.com and Urban Sitter.

We first heard about Spilt Milk Nannies when Liz Farmer, a past client and dear friend, moved from Irvine to Portland. After signing up with the Portland branch of Spilt Milk, she raved about the ease of scheduling, the reliability of the sitters, and the ability to book care whenever she needed to. After hearing the excitement in her voice, we knew we needed to bring this service to Orange County.

Why are we so excited about this?

Spilt Milk Nannies is a babysitting referral service that connects great nannies to busy parents who need flexible care.

It's a mouthful, but it's true! Nannies with Spilt Milk have been vetted through reference screenings, background checks, and in-person interviews with us. For everyone's safety, parents also undergo a background check to join. Our goal is to create a group caregivers and parents to meet occasional childcare needs.

No more digging through pages and pages of nanny profiles wondering if they'll no-show for your interview. We do the interviewing for you! You can rest easy knowing there is a group of great nannies available at the click of a button.

Babysitting is the verb, but nannies are the noun. 

One huge thing we L-O-V-E about this service is that it offers an opportunity for families who have a need for occasional care to work with nannies with years of professional experience (meaning outside of their own family and friends). Many families who don't need a full-time or part-time nanny find it tough to get professional help they trust when leaving their kids with a sitter. Spilt Milk Nannies solves that problem!

And for families who DO have a part-time or full-time nanny, Spilt Milk offers a great way to find substitutes when your nanny needs to take a day off! When Marlee was nannying full-time, she felt horrible coming in late from a doctor's appointment or taking a vacation because she knew it meant the parents would have to stay home from work. If Spilt Milk had been around, the parents would have been able to plan ahead and book a Spilt Milk Nanny to fill in where needed.

Date Night Sitter Orange County Spilt Milk Nannies

Spilt Milk is personal.

Unlike other childcare referral websites, Spilt Milk Nannies is a local service led by REAL PEOPLE. We (Marlee & Megan) are always available to answer your questions, address your concerns, help with any scheduling difficulties, and more. This is a service provided BY real people and FOR real people!

Booking a nanny online is easy.

One of our favorite things about Spilt Milk is the unique software that comes with it. The software is actually designed and maintained by a Spilt Milk parent who felt that this service (which operated on pen and paper at the time) deserved its own platform to more easily serve parents and nannies alike.

On the website, parents set up their profiles with details about their family and kiddos, and have access to book available nannies from there. Here's a sneak peek of what the booking screen looks like:

Costa Mesa babysitter Spilt Milk Nannies software preview

Parents can find available nannies in two ways: by searching for a certain time frame they need covered and seeing who is available, or by looking up their favorite nannies and choosing a shift when they're open (great for flexible appointments or date nights).

If no one has availability during the time you need childcare, you can always reach out to us so we can put the word out - that's why we're here! 

What Spilt Milk Nannies is NOT:

  • An agency. Nannies are employed directly by families. The only fees that come to us as the owners are the quarterly membership fees and the $3 booking fee per appointment.

  • A nanny placement service. Parents can choose from a network of nannies, but we can't always guarantee that the same nanny will be available each time you need childcare. Parents get to choose which sitter to hire every time they book.

  • An on-call childcare service. Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance (although we will scramble to find someone for you at the last minute if needed, we can't promise there will always be someone available).

  • A sick kid solution. We know how frustrating and inconvenient it is to have sick kids at home. But to help prevent the spread of germs since our nannies work with multiple children a week (sometimes including infants), they aren't obligated to take on a shift with a sick kiddo.


Here's how the pricing works:

Families pay a quarterly membership fee of $45 (that works out to $15 month) to belong to the network. For each shift a parent books, there is a $3 booking fee. Parents employ nannies directly and pay them for their work at the end of each shift. The childcare rate for all nannies in the network is $17 (no extra fees for additional children). 

Date night babysitter Orange County Spilt Milk Nannies pricing

If this sounds perfect for your family...

If you love the sound of Spilt Milk Nannies and want to give us a try, we're happy to offer a credit for 3 free bookings to any clients who find us through this blog post! Just mention this post and we'll credit your account once you're signed up. 

If you love the service and refer others our way, we're happy to give 3 MORE free bookings for each of your friends who signs up and mentions your name!

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