Now Teaching an Online Birth Class with Ma Yoga Living

We're excited to announce that we are the new teachers for this fall’s online Empowering Birth class series for Ma Yoga Living!

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We're thrilled to be able to work with groups of expecting parents in a new way. This class don't replace our private childbirth and postpartum preparation options, but offer another way for expecting parents to work with us!

The Empowering Birth series is just one of the wonderful programs Ma Yoga offers to help expecting parents prepare for birth. (They also offer prenatal and mom+baby yoga classes in LA and Orange County, as well as a meditation practice program.)

For 6 weeks, we'll spend an hour on Monday evenings exploring a new topic around preparing body, mind, and heart for birth:

  1. FEEL SUPPORTED: Create Your Birth Team

  2. BE CONFIDENT: A Road Map through Laborland

  3. STAY CONNECTED: Labor Breathing, Movement, & Other Coping Skills

  4. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Prepare for the Unexpected

  5. BE PREPARED FOR POSTPARTUM: What You’ll Need (and Want!) after Birth

  6. CO-CREATE THE BIRTH YOU WANT: Birth Plan & Intentions Workshop

    This series runs from October 29 - December 3, 2018. If your estimated due date is in late December or later, we welcome you to join us!

Want to pick and choose your classes instead of signing up for the whole series? You can do that!

If just a couple of these topics are calling to you, you can still participate!

Parents can choose to take the whole series for a discount that amounts to one free class ($140 total) or just select the sessions that sound the most helpful for them ($28 each). Oh, and Hero Birth Services clients get a 10% discount! So if you're working with us for private childbirth classes, birth or postpartum doula support, lactation support, or car seat education, reach out to us to learn how to redeem your discount!

Short, informative classes

These informative one-hour classes include an overview of how to choose a support team for birth, the stages of labor, comfort measures and labor positions, technological and medical support available during labor, communicating with care providers in pregnancy and birth, thinking ahead to life with a newborn, and birth plans 101. 

We're excited to be facilitating these classes as an option for parents who want to begin exploring these topics with other expecting parents from the comfort of home. Obviously there's a huge difference between what we can cover in one hour vs. in a 2-3 hour private class, but this is an awesome opportunity for parents to supplement their other learning in a quick, affordable way.

No matter what kind of birth you're planning (or if you don't really have a plan), these classes are designed to help you start to become familiar with your options and find organic ways to bring a sense of wholeness to your birth and postpartum experience. 

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