Car Seat Education & Installation

Become 100% comfortable with your car seats

If your car seat has you feeling like this:

Confused kid shrugging expressively Orange County car seat help

instead of like this:

Confident kid smiling thumbs up Orange County car seat check

schedule a car seat session today!

You probably know how important car seats are for keeping children safe, but let's face it: they're confusing. And this confusion leads to A LOT of unsafe car seat use.

In fact, the car seat misuse rate is estimated to be between 70%-90%. 

That's why we offer car seat education and installation sessions. From figuring out which brand to purchase to fumbling around with all the belts and clips, we know car seats can be overwhelming.

Marlee is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and skillfully guides parents through the process of properly installing and removing car seats into and out of their own cars.

Marlee's goal is for parents to feel 100% comfortable using their car seats every time.


1 car seat and 1 vehicle: $40

*Each additional car seat or vehicle during the same session is $10

*We highly recommend checking your car seat in each vehicle in which it will be used.

Included in your car seat visit:

  • Done at your home or a convenient meeting location, on your schedule.

  • We provide education on your seat(s), your car(s), and how they fit together best to protect your little one.

  • Proper installation, car seat registration and recall information, and practice included so you feel totally comfortable installing and removing seats.

  • Time to ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable