Birth Story Medicine® with Megan

Orange County traumatic birth healing Birth Story Listening Megan Malone-Franklin

If your birth experience brought with it feelings of disappointment, blame, abandonment, grief, failure, not-enough-ness, numbness, or if you feel yourself feeling "stuck" in negative feelings or memories from birth, you are not alone. And there is hope for healing.

It's a sad truth that some parents experience difficult or traumatic births. When welcoming a baby involves unexpected outcomes, unwished-for events, or surprises that catch you off guard, a unique kind of emotional pain can develop. This can even happen for parents whose birth experiences weren't necessarily traumatic, but contained a moment that is still difficult to talk about - sometimes even because of the reaction you get from others when you share that part of the story.

Those lasting effects - a twinge of guilt, feeling your stomach drop, tears, or anger - can come once in a while, or they may be running through your mind constantly, preventing you from moving forward from birth and even sometimes making it difficult to bond with your new baby.

Birth Story Medicine® offers a different path.

Sunrise labyrinth Orange County recovering from a difficult birth

This guided process helps parents reframe their story and begin to experience a mental shift around an emotionally difficult part of their birth experience. The goal of this process is to spark a change in thinking that can lead to a new perspective about your birth story, your role as a parent, and yourself as a person.

This process was created by Pam England, founder of Birthing From Within. She had been a practicing home birth midwife before the birth of her first child which involved an unexpected, traumatic cesarean birth. Her journey of finding healing for her own birth story led to the creation of a way to help others find healing in their stories too.

Megan studied the Birth Story Medicine process with Pam England and Nikki Shaheed, and is honored to bring this healing technique to parents in Orange County and Long Beach. Whether your birth was 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago, you may find seeds of healing and recovery here.

I take confidentiality very seriously. Rest assured that all stories shared in Birth Story Medicine sessions will be held in complete confidence.


$75 for a 60-90 minute session in your home

Please ensure that your child/children will be cared for by another parent or caregiver out of the home so you can truly focus on your healing.

What is a Birth Story Medicine session like?

Most people in our western culture aren't very comfortable listening to someone tell an upsetting story. As a doula, I've heard time and again from clients that they've been met with a lot of AT LEAST when they share stories of difficult moments during a birth experience:

  • "AT LEAST your baby is healthy."

  • "AT LEAST you can focus on your baby now and forget about it."

  • "AT LEAST you can try again - maybe next time will be better."

And that's not to mention the questions (read: advice) coming your way:

  • "Why didn't you _____?"

  • "You could have refused _____."

  • "If you had _____ instead maybe you wouldn't be so upset now."

I've yet to hear someone say how much these kinds of statements helped them heal. Sometimes responses like this can cause secondary emotional wounds and worsen feelings of isolation that sometimes sneak in so easily for parents. It's hard to find a sense of belonging in your local parenting community when you are scolded or met with unfeeling platitudes about something you share. Especially when it's around something as vulnerable as birth! 

In a Birth Story Medicine session, you won't hear these phrases. Instead, you'll find a strong sense of compassionate understanding, deep listening, and sensitive validation of your experiences. We will explore your story and find new meaning through this guided process. Using this focused method, there is a lot we can accomplish even during our short time together!

For Birth Professionals

It's well-known in the birth world that perinatal professionals - including midwives, doulas, doctors, nurses, and other care providers - can experience "secondary trauma" from witnessing traumatic or difficult moments in birth. If you're someone who cares for birthing families and something like this is weighing on you, Birth Story Medicine can be a safe place to find healing.

Processing difficult birth experiences with a trained listener can help prevent burnout and overwhelm, which are so frequent in our field. I'm honored to aid in the healing process so birth professionals can continue doing what they love - serving families.

I take confidentiality very seriously. Rest assured that all stories shared in Birth Story Medicine sessions will be held in complete confidence.