Doula Mentoring

If you're a new doula, you may be...

  • wondering "what's next?" after your training

  • wishing for real-life guidance from experienced doulas

  • trying to map your course as a doula and finding you aren't sure where to go next

Compass pointing north New doula mentoring program Orange County

We remember those feelings well. 

We've been doing this work since 2014 and we've learned a lot since we started. Let us repeat that: we have learned A LOT.

So much of what we thought about birth, parenting, and working with families has shifted since we began.

We attribute a great deal of what we've learned to some really great continuing education opportunities, and yes, quite a bit to trial and error as well.

But we've been so fortunate to have some amazing doula mentors along the way that have passed on wisdom and helped us discover who we are as doulas. And we feel that the time has come for us to pay it forward with some mentoring of our own!

Mentor the Doula is a collaboration between us (Marlee and Megan) and our colleague Amanda Cagle. We have some exciting stuff in the works (including online mentoring circles), and we're starting off with monthly case study workshops for new doulas in Orange County, CA. Visit us at Mentor the Doula to learn more, and sign up for email updates if you want to keep up with what we're offering!