Sleep Support with Marlee

Sleep deprivation can be one of the toughest parts of parenthood. I’m here to help.

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I love to support families in finding a rhythm for both daytime and nighttime sleep. Rather than a one-size-fits-all model, I work with each family to develop a customized sleep plan to help everyone in the household get more rest.

Sleep support is a normal part of my postpartum doula work. Working with me in that role, you have access to lactation counseling, postpartum doula support, and sleep help all wrapped up in one!

If you’re all set on postpartum support though and are just looking for sleep-specific help, I offer several options to assist your family.

Sleep Support Rates

Sleep consulting session a la carte: $75

  • A single in-home visit (1-2 hours) to discuss current sleep challenges and create a customized sleep plan

Sleep Support Bundle: 3 sleep consulting sessions for $200 ($25 discount)

  • 3 in-home visits (1-2 hours each) to discuss current sleep challenges, create a customized sleep plan, track progress toward achieving your family’s sleep goals, and make adjustments to your plan as needed

  • Flexibility to use your visits over a period of 6 weeks

I do not offer in-home support overnight. My sleep support is education-based and is normally offered between the hours of 10am-5pm. If you need assistance outside that time frame, let me know about your needs and we’ll see what might work for you.

What sets my sleep support apart?

As a lactation counselor, my approach to sleep is first and foremost supportive of breastfeeding (if that is how you are feeding your baby). Many sleep consultants, sleep trainers, and sleep educators are not lactation specialists, and it can be easy to disrupt milk production by making changes to assist with sleep challenges. I am always forthcoming with my clients about the ways breastfeeding can be affected by the changes you may choose to make in order to get more or better sleep.

Another important aspect of my work is paying close attention to parents’ mental health. Sleep plays such a huge role in mental health, and it’s important to me to make sure that mental health needs are being met where sleep is concerned. I strive to help parents find a balance between mental health, sleep, and maintaining the breastfeeding relationship.

One of my passions is educating parents about biological sleep needs for infants and toddlers (including safer sleep options). Often I find that helping parents to understand their little ones’ biological needs when it comes to sleep can help them make more sense of what’s been going on, and what they’d like to change.

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Is this a “cry it out” approach?

Far from it! I’m trained through Moorea Malatt’s Sleep Savvy program for postpartum professionals. This approach is based on the science of sleep learning and lactation, with lots of flexibility to accommodate for the unique needs of each individual family.

Most of my clients want to avoid “cry it out” or “extinction” methods, and I can fully support you in doing just that. Whether you are bed-sharing, room-sharing, using a crib, using a co-sleeper… we will work together to identify the challenges your family is facing and find ways to make age-appropriate adjustments to help everyone get more sleep.

What does “sleep consulting” really mean?

As a sleep consultant and educator, I am here to help families assess where they currently are in terms of daytime and nighttime sleep, where they want to be, and help them develop strategies to get there.

As an experienced postpartum doula and lactation counselor, progressing into sleep consulting has been very natural for me. I love to help parents understand the science behind infant and toddler sleep needs (in plain English!) and help them figure out ways that feel good for them to help everyone get more sleep. There is no one-size-fits-all method here - just biology and ways to make it work for you rather than against you!

Most of my support is based in my clients’ homes because it’s extremely helpful for me to observe what’s going on in your space as we work together. Phone calls can be great for helping to answer questions or work through a particular challenge in between visits, but our visits together are really where the most productive conversations can happen.

I am not a sleep trainer who will come to your home and spend 3 days getting your baby to sleep through the night for you. My approach is based on the idea that babies need some help from their parents to learn better sleep habits, and I love helping parents become confident in providing that support to their little ones!

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How old does my baby need to be to work with you?

I work with families of newborns through toddlers (typically up to around age 3).

With families of newborns, there’s usually a big focus on helping parents understand the needs around sleep for babies less than 3 months old (especially for breastfeeding families). Helping parents to have a good foundation on sleep cues and the biological needs of their little one is so, so helpful as they grow, because parents can set themselves up to encourage good sleep habits right from the beginning.

With babies a little older, we might be working through a sleep regression, trying to help a baby get better naps during the day, working to develop strategies to help babies need a little bit less involvement from their parents overnight when they wake up naturally, or any number of other things.

I can also help families with toddlers who are having a tough time with sleep to learn what might be going on developmentally, and use that knowledge to make some adjustments that can help children and parents alike to get more sleep.

And of course with all ages, I can help families create a safer sleep set-up for their little ones.

Do you offer in-home sleep consulting in Orange County and Long Beach?

Yes! If you live in OC or LBC, I love offering home visits because it gives me a chance to meet you and your baby in person and see your environment firsthand. You still have the option of working with me by phone instead if you’d prefer.

For families who live outside my service area, I’m always happy to schedule a phone call with you between the hours of 10am-5pm PST.